Cut – instrumentally available pieces of music suitably selected and individually edited to the horse, beat and exactly to all lessons.

MIDI – individual music titles, unlimited selectable, especially recorded by our musicians for your freestyle production (see cut)
Exclusive composition – your personal “symphony”, any music style arranged and recorded in every detail to match your freestyle ride, from band to orchestra!

Exclusive freestyle music productions for the extraordinary show

Here is an example for a really special one:

Olympic Bronze for Laura Tomlinson (née Bechtolsheimer) & Mistral Hojris

About the music

To match the powerful, but also fun-loving charisma of Mistral, we have chosen the well-known and beautiful music from The Lion King. (producers & composers Elton John, Tim Rice)

A great mixture of powerful ethno and film music elements, combined with cheerful, light melody parts, which are also quite humorous. The clear, strong rhythm of the African drums perfectly underlines Mistral’s cadenced, expressive mechanics.

This music simply has everything: beat, bombast, lightness, mystical moments (ethno singing) and also joyful moments. Moreover, the individual “African Touch” stands for itself and represents something special: a sound that stands out from the mass of film music and pop productions. Just like Laura and her Mistral.

It was a great pleasure to work with the many fine musicians and the Bechtolsheimer family (thank you, Felix!!) for such a beautiful project.

A special thanks also to our master of arrangement, H-P Fassbender!

About the production