Over the years we have worked with many very nice and very good musicians. Some of them were and are always with us. As there are:

Tobias Kremer, Saxophone

Tobias Kremer (sax)

Live: Deutschland-sucht-den Superstar-Band, Tobias-Kremer-Bigband (German Film Award with Bully Herbig) Studio: Arrangements and productions for RTL, WDR etc.


Jan Schneider, Trompete

Jan Schneider (trumpet)

Brings, Sportfreunde Stiller, RTL Allstars, WDR Bigband, Tom Gaebel Band etc.


Michael Theissing-Tegeler,

Michael Theissing-Tegeler aka Schnucki (trombone)

Live: Germany-seeks-the-superstar-band, Brings
Studio: Sarah Connor, Tom Gaebel and of course with us 😉


Norman Jonas (guitarist/ music-videoproduction)

Sing for me, Baby!, Kaffee & Kuchen DeLuxe, Rolf Maier-Bode, Heinz Hox a.o.

Music and video producer for Brigitte Schmitz, Warrant, mono, Manes Meckenstock a.o.


Frank Sackenheim (Saxophon / Klarinette / Oboe)

Frank Sackenheim (saxophone / clarinet / oboe)

Tobias Kremer Big Band, Tom Gaebel Orchestra, national & international jazz projects


Mirjam Hardenberg, Cello und Sopran

Mirjam Hardenberg (cello / sopran)