Our full service

combines horse-riding and musical expert knowledge. Therefore we offer you an 100% top service all round:

  • Individual choreographies from the expert after mutual discussion and film analysis
  • Individually coordinated music arrangements (cut) in accordance with Your original video.
  • Complete package with individual choreography and dressage music
  • "2 for 1-Package": dressage music Class S, Version Inter I and St.Georg all in one, price per unit plus supplement (750,00 + 200,00 + 7% VAT.)
  • Exclusive music compositions in any music style whatsoever, with orchestra or music band, for all categories

The prices are fair:
An example: Dressage music Class S, as from Euro 750,- plus 7% VAT

The service is correct:

Our Highlight: Exklusively composed dressage music of any music style, arranged for live instruments. On demand also with prominente musicians or bands!