Nicole Pendzich

Nicole Pendzich -

Music producer – Dressage trainer & rider – Freestyle coach & specialist for the DOKR - Singer

born in Düsseldorf in 1971, studies of graphic design at the FH Krefeld. As a second job she trained dressage horses up to the Grand Prix class. She found her passion for horse-riding at the age of 6 when riding ponies and since then continued her training with a lot of self-commitment to finally become a Grand-prix horse-rider. Due to her job as a singer she is also closely related to music. Some years ago, the possibility presented to her for the first time to combine her passion for music and horse-riding. It was at that time that she started the exceptional collaboration with her longtime friend Markus Hücking, which since then has proved to be very successful with a great number of freestyle music productions.

Markus Hücking

Markus Hücking

Music producer – Sound engineer - Drummer – Dressage rider

born in Duisburg in 1967, successfully producing radio and television advertising in his own sound studio. He feels home on many major and minor events as a musician (drums) and an audio engineer. Until some years ago he also was an active dressage rider. And it was then when he met Nicole Pendzich – and a successful teamwork was born.

Double power: We are experts for dressage and music

Our collaboration is an unusual combination between horse-riding and muscial knowhow. Therefore we are able to take into consideration any and all aspects during the development of a freestyle and to offer optimum solutions. See Service.

Due to the permanent collaboration with well-known trainers, judges and riders we know what is needed regarding music and choreography in order to be successful.


kuermusik - a professional team

consists of a recording-studio equipped up-to-date with a computer-based audio-editing-system. The music archive includes thousands of music titles and offers any music style.

We do everything that is feasible: The computer processing opens almost unlimited possibilities to make music pieces go along with the rhythm of your horse, the execution of the exercises and the individual dressage movements.

For those who love the special: We produce and arrange your exclusive dressage music in collaboration with first-class musicians.