Our partners from the music branch

In the course of the years we have collaborated with many very enjoyable and good musicians. Some of them were and are with us time and again. Such as:

Mirko van Stiphaut (guitar)

(Gitarrist „Mirek“ der „Familie Popolski“ – Fender Endorser)


Tobias Kremer (sax)

Live: Deutschland-sucht-den Superstar-Band, Tobias-Kremer-Bigband (Verleihung des Deutschen Filmpreises mit Bully Herbig) Studio: Arrangements und Produktionen für RTL, WDR etc.


Jan Schneider (trumpet)

Brings, Sportfreunde Stiller, RTL Allstars, WDR Bigband, Tom Gaebel Band etc.


Schnucki (trombone)

Live: Deutschland-sucht-den-Superstar-Band, Brings
Studio: Sarah Connor, Tom Gaebel und natürlich bei uns ;-)


Hans-Peter-Fassbender (piano/keyboards/arrangements)

Tim Isfort Orchester, Birth Control


Tim Isfort (bass/arrangements)

Tim Isfort Orchester, collaboration with Blixa Bargeld (Einstürzenden Neubauten), Christian Brückner (german synchronous voice of Robert De Niro) a.s.o.


Guido Bleckmann (bass/production assistence)

Without Guido nothing works. Indispensable for the preparation and posterior detail work he is one of the pillars during each major dressage music production.


Our partners from the dressage field

Trainers, trainees and professional riders are friends of us: